LG Soft India Feb 2024 - Present
Senior Research Engineer Bangalore, India
  • Working on webOS System & Application Manager (SAM) component in Core Software Platform team for LG Smart TV & Raspberry Pi.

  • Discrete Access Control (DAC) for SAM | C++, Linux, Embedded Systems
    Lead the development of this feature to allow discrete access to system resources and operations that require root privileges for applications and services managed by SAM.

Sandvine Technologies Aug 2021 - Jan 2024
Senior Software Engineer Bangalore, India
  • Worked on ActiveLogic Deep Packet Inspection tool in Data-Plane team.

  • Granular roles | C, C++, Python, PostgresSQL, Linux
    Lead the development of this feature that allows admin users to create custom roles by combining permissions to system resources.

  • License data to system diagnostics | C, C++, pthread, IPC, Linux
    Developed this feature to view license data on system diagnostics to restrict the access to CLI as preventive security measure.

  • MAP-E tunnel traffic | C, C++, DPDK, TCP/IP, Linux
    Developed this feature to allow Receive Side Scaling (RSS) of MAP-E tunnel traffic for both NUMA & UMA architectures using DPDK RTE flow rules APIs.

Mavenir Systems Aug 2019 - Jul 2021
Member of Technical Staff 2 Bangalore, India
  • Worked on WebRTC Gateway (WRG) service in WRG team.

  • Aggregated IMDN | C++, HTTP, SIP, REST, JSON, WebRTC, WebSockets
    Developed this feature to send notifications of offline IMs when reconnected by aggregating them in a single call to reduce network usage.

Toshiba Software Dec 2016 - Jul 2019
Software Engineer Bangalore, India
  • Worked on Multi-Functional Peripheral (MFP) machine in Device Layer (DL) team.

  • Custom size scan | C, C++, Linux, IPC, Multi threading, Embedded systems, PDF, JPEG
    Lead the development of this feature to allow users to scan non-standard paper sizes such as identity cards and bills.

Textual Analytics Solutions | Jul 2016 - Dec 2016 | Trainee Engineer | Bangalore, India


BMS College of Engineering Aug 2012 - Mar 2016
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications Bangalore, India


  • Appraised for leading feature development & providing KT to team.
  • Improved my coding speed by creating dotfiles.
  • Delivered tech talks on: Linux, Kernel, Git, Vim & Automation.
  • Active in open source software development communities: webOS, LibreOffice, Vim.